A white marigold seeds

A white marigold seeds
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Slowly grow up, just like that

Jiangnan misty rain misty, the landscape again, washed out a fast green flag. XieFengXiYu blew away the cloud that had blown away its leaves, blow dial the footsteps of the time, so we year after year, followed in the footsteps of time, Dream beauty pro hard sell slowly grow up. 
Remember the hand we've been holding company pairing and swim, we sat in the spacious classroom read lang lang river we sat down, watching the green flag, the blue sky, the yearning for the outside world. Yet with all this time more and more far from us, no matter how we went after all miss. Every day passes is like pieces of withered leaves and petals, don't remember how many and in gone with the wind, how the wind blows. Grow everything will be lost on the way Dream beauty pro hard sell, we were meant to be lonely, to learn to a strong person, brave to face the difficulties. 
Time flies, years like song, time flies away our male child youth, the church we grow up. Memory is a moving thoughts. The reality is that a song lyric songs. Information recall komet but also cannot go back. In the distant cloud of dreams, Dream beauty pro hard sell have our initial dream, success or failure is not the result, it is important to experience wind and rain, to understand the real meaning of growth, to smile to face setbacks, cherish what we have, not to expect nothing ethereal other. 
Growth at the intersection of the most difficult decision is the way, we need to have the past into branches, also need to choose a new way. We are so slowly grew up nu skin. Willow green, the wild goose south crossing, the time is not returned, the youth cannot be called back again.