A white marigold seeds

A white marigold seeds
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Because there are memories

See the handwriting before, because of that I can always come back here. 
Recently I have no taste of life, without that kind of confidence and momentum, followed by another kind of power. 
I will worry for a meal, it may be a little hard to believe, myself included, too, where I wander for a long time, eventually helpless sat down. May also be because so have no regular diet for a long time, I began to worry about my stomach, often can appear the hunger pain, my life is like walking in the HaoQian, it didn't seem safer, but never is that a word, there is no room for you choose no, so always go on, fortunately no matter how you go, never lose your way, this may is the only a little better. 
Liked sitting so quietly alone, had been sitting, so even a daze, of course, often look at the watch out of the window and his wrist, I like it is, after all, with my days already a long time, just like their own past, nothing like a drop of all remember, when you need to slowly aftertaste. 
The recent hobby smoke, seldom smoke before, but recently I don't know how can one then the other, I don't like myself now. Think that don't belong to me, I in that are not appropriate, can't find his place in life, a little make me feel confused about what to do, not like this before, nicotine anesthesia always can let my heart be quiet. 
Is such, because had to recall, did not take any memory, often say so, don't know truly experience the taste of recall how many times, I don't know is I, the more so the more regardless of go toward inside, is not willing to but like lost something's spaced out. 
Often a person walk on the street in total felling have a pair of blue glasses peep at me, I felt at the thought of the whole body hair is here, I stepped up the pace, I know it may be an illusion of their own, listen to uncle said that as a kid, people's shoulders have two lights, don't look back at night, because it will pressure the lights, I asked my uncle if it meet the wind rain, he said that will not be afraid, because this is our own soul. At night, the lights will be very strong, can, as you go along with the light will not afraid of. Whenever I a person walking alone at night, I can remember the story about shoulder their lanterns, many years ago, not once forgot, but every time always want to look back at this point is not himself, want to look back the more nervous and fear in the heart, ever blame uncle should not had told me that, I was always unprovoked, times have changed, as has been 15 years, last night on the road again suddenly reminded of the story, but I did not have the previous nervous, listening to their footsteps large stamping on the way in the dark, the in the mind is to not look back behind... 
I know what I lost during the bit by bit...