A white marigold seeds

A white marigold seeds
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Can I still......

Some things, can not forget. I like a pick up shells on the beach boys, picked up some pale memories, pick up some beautiful sadness. Memories of a lost like maple indifference, knowing that I will have a kind of impulse to cry, but always so inadvertently think nuskin hk, the corner of heart in forever...... Forget once with cousin cousin run around day. http://www.kidult-audio.com/usb-dac.htmlThat period of time, is perhaps the most beautiful of my career. Without thinking of childhood, is the most beautiful. I remember at that time, and the cousin often follow cousin to ditch there, take a spray, crystal bright, sunlight silver shiny, laughter filled our world. Often Dadanaonao is adult lessons, but I seem to be the most secure, because aunt generally do not hit me, so I am more presumptuous. Several of our bare feet child all day running around, it seems never tired. Sister ah, you remember the pig ear? Remember to move new homes uncle to wake us up each divided into a few dollars that we help move things? Remember when we had time to eat fruit? Remember screaming to adults to the pocket money to buy something to eat? You remember my cousin once cheated me, said the house will be around in a night, and I believe that, after the old thinking this is why. You may rest assured, I will not believe. It seems my cousin left me and cousin, after every time I go to grandma house disappeared after cousin cousin cousin, and even did not see Secondary School, time really give us apart!
Ha, just passed?? Sister, sister, you said you wanted to. Not waving, that is my second home......

Forget the time of the primary school. At the end of primary school, I began my study lead time. It was a small primary school, is a relative to the city school is very backward primary school. But on the left, I found myself forget that every tree and bush. Na, permanent deskmate me, not now. I looked at the empty seat next to, often recall was away for four years at the same table you, rather than the four years of other people...... Remember when we were called what? Remember to go to the theatre by adults often follow you home! Our friendship, on the left, just let me deeply feel that simple sincere. Lovely Silitek, laughter is in my memory the image of you ah, ha ha ha, I can't hear your laughter, next time don't forget to smile several voices to listen to me! And that copy the blackboard paper Jane ah, the flying pig...... After leaving, we are getting more and more far!

Time is the best witness, years quietly to draw a beautiful arc. Miss you...... I'm too old?

Left Sima, I came to a hill. The junior high school, my heart lost a piece of pure, I feel more and more effort, because I have a dream. To keep running, I ignored me a lot of things. But I found a friend in need, my heart think are good friends of friends, though...... Ah, forget that once together running days, can not forget those who chase the dream of the day, the second is my junior high school career nu skin, the most relaxed for a year, I was very careful understanding of the 105, my monitor, CCTV, the thief...... The third is my junior high school three years in the most unforgettable year, during the busy countdown time, those papers flying time, that boast cool days, that match the papers memories, give me too much to let me think constantly of. Forget the Lao Wang eight, buffalo, Japan, Longge, herd, Xiaosheng brother, small courtyard...... You remember the rainy day, over the summer, the song spread all over the campus, back and forth form becomes the permanent set. Not give you waved goodbye, time was dim in my sight.

Oh, it is so fast. Three years passed, the past. Sometimes you even......

Once fantasized about to turn back the clock, but I can not do; once the pure thought, everything will be wonderful, but found himself think so far...... In this leaves in autumn, so confused the night dark, quiet so dim. After a lot of moment, the world only the memory, as many like meteor lit up my whole sky. Our story, in my heart will never fade. Happiness, only silence, only memories, and my perseverance. I know, we all have dreams, and we can't stop the pace of time Combination House, we need to move on, so we can't stop...... The autumn to spring time flies, the long long sigh, life on the road, thank you accompany......

Suddenly wake up, the neighbor is sad memories, memories is the direction of the stars, memories is the price of tears......