A white marigold seeds

A white marigold seeds
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Your life out

We walked through the place, it is called memory reenex cps, like a wilted flower, drift with the wind, who also don't know to float to where, do not know where it is. Often in the middle of the night silent moment, suddenly will be a song, quietly remembering past sink, at that moment heart feeling of sadness. Maybe life should give us a little bit more empty, let us taste the music, the breakdown of the fleeting time. The distant story, who whisper whisper in the ear, whispered. In the distant future, who said that the oath never change, through the vicissitudes of life; who is friendship, hand in a hundred years, with no regrets in life. Originally, the numerous things, but the scenery is a sill, scattered into shadow in one season, the future can no longer be found.

The first is looking forward to life, total digestion in a person be opinionated dream, then give unlimited disappointing to lick the pain. Some things, want to always very beautiful, so in their own most probably it did not actually happen, abandoned a the complete story. Maybe travel and tourism news, time will slowly old all the time, you will and feelings, in the bottom of my heart gradually blurred, slowly forgotten.

There are many flowers, there are beautiful, even if there is a charming, I still show special preference to mine. On the other side of the peach blossom in the spring, lost in the disappearance of the East, but there is a wisp of fragrance and stay in my heart.

When every love, I do not want to tap chaifei, find the moment looking back, just beginning moment of surprise, enough to let the rain away flowers; enough to make fleeting but become reflection. So, I always smiled, heart such as Pinghu water, light like the moon. In no is simply, without painful without urticant moment, let a young heart for a moment of peace.

Life is a road lined on both sides covered road, rich profound years, my footsteps echoed in the corridor, quiet in the corner. The heart of the confusion, always expect in relief, recall not stare gaze, nor low tactfully melancholy, heart  water, ripples are plated with bright sunshine, quietly with the breeze swing into the reeds, the past in the memory, become an eternal scenery, hanging on the end of the bridges! Ask the world what love is, straight people. If in the walk in the red on feelings reenex cps,? Understand? Who is who, who is who in love, only my heart knows.

In winter the window, standing on tiptoe. Look forward to the arrival of spring, looking forward to another seasonal fresh. Turn leave a section of old, at the time of the disappeared from behind, without mention of.