A white marigold seeds

A white marigold seeds
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Time to rush, the passage of time, seasons, always let fall to become lonely, leaves withered flowers, the curtain call, as if to this bleak season, the most tender farewell. Autumn leaves, leaving a string of grey attachment. Look at the sky rain started falling, again quietly standing at the window, rain, foggy city lights, blurred dim, lonelyman t shirt.

Dying in autumn, red maple leaf Acacia, melancholy thoughts, misty and desolate. Sprinkle in the memory of the rain, but also dilute the clear traces. Red shadow, like the sky never fallen stars, blurred, desolate. A wisp of wind, swept the mottled cheeks, allowing sorrow then no reserves Zen invasion, ask the dust, after sorrow, sadness thousand feet? The heart is a cool autumn, some memory, destined only memoriesLED Lighting.

Autumn rain started falling, zheng music yo. Cold and sad, hope the raindrops, and also I like to sink in the music, live in the present, is never alone. Perhaps there are too many desolate, cold feeling. Enron quiet, silent years, dreams of tomorrow, the light ends a desiregarage storage systems.

The world is like a dream, a withering leaves, slowly become a habit, to share a moment of quiet, feel the yellow leaves fall with the wind, to trace of sadness. Life is life, vegetation. The young hot, rich, middle age, old age of calm, full of life! Indifferent to quiet, covered with memory all pale, hiking in the years of the street, shake off the dust of time in memory, or for the autumn clear language. The wind is passing on the streets, man is a scenery. But I, can only stand in the autumn leaves of the bustling, stroking the glimpse. Who is the new knowledge? Who is the old acquaintance? Who is it? Who is a stranger. The Fords of the time, Days Inn, each encounter, every loss, casual, follow up, with rain, lonely lonely!

Shallow fleeting, a season to change some warm embrace, cold, time was cut, all distress, in the season the outpouring of grief, loving tired heart, has gone through the wind, rain journey, believe that after the winter the sun is still warm, hope, will not be wasted in this moment of weakness. His own, is always, perhaps too much sorrow, always put the time left lingering fragrance, the aftertaste as forever.

Life is lonely, not hide, hide not open feelings. This autumn, I am still waiting for their own lonely, quiet, let not touch the world disappear in the rain, autumn rain out of the window. The red dream, dream like world of mortals, off a leaf, red shadow, suspected the sky never fallen stars, blurred and desolate, as time flying, memories of the past, how many sad dreams, sentimental, mottled years. Autumn fruits will always give me a reason, to let their strong feelings in soul happiness and joy.