A white marigold seeds

A white marigold seeds
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The earth out of breath

Look at the beautiful rivers and mountains of a country scarred, make people have deep feelings, watched hundreds of sore perforation trees let people have mixed feelings, far see the charming scenery. There is a dive site impulse, always think that it is a sacred place, watching the green leaves in a swinging like waving to us, also like to whisper, why? Seemingly rich nutrition. Like soldiers in the difficult environment for people to stand sentry duty, regardless of their own safety still do his duty to defend their territory, in the sea, also formed the beauty be secure against assault. They are like the pine that stood in the motherland on both sides of the Changjiang River, where they have no flowers and applause, just lonely and desolate, they suffer the discrimination and family others do not understand, they all make the pain deep in my heart, they create for themselves the people can not understand the world, absorb a lot of nutrients from their stronger but from the motherland of the task, in order to maintain their dignity as far as possible to improve themselves, and with the wisdom of the mind to open their own piece of heaven and earth, with a fun way to release their loneliness, bitter spirit makes people shocked me. Their vision of the future that they overcome all obstacles, the unfavorable factors into the stepping stone to charge into the enemy ranks, never to work up to the mood, always give a person leave grace Sassou's majestic, if they were not mortal, and never to know what sadness is like; their world will always be sunny, like the disaster will not come into their head, is always lucky;

They seem to fear and danger, do not even know how to face, never understand human emotions from ignorance, wrong is that they, or their apology, hurt they still have hope, hoping their loved ones understanding, experiencing so much they will not fall. No matter how the heart to evil waves, as long as the higher order they like off-line sword fell into place to need to save the people of suffering, they leave with the victims to death, comfort together, where a disaster they are there, to give up their own well-being and the comfortable life environment, with their true calling people's new, with a smile to heal people sorrow, with powerful shoulders for the people to hold up a piece of blue sky, burning their effect to the people left the eternal light, their hearty laughter like a medicine, speed of incredible, their heart with hundreds of millions of people, but no place of their own, I remember the most fashionable word is foolish soldier. Don't think they're cute silly? It is precisely because of these professionals have made peace. No, not at all?

When we approach them when found, they and ordinary people no two, their suffering more than us, they not only in the harsh conditions of practicing ability, but also to put the various aspects of the pressure, the family can not stand alone and lonely, bad luck in the escape, even can resist the temptation of money unexpectedly failed to live up to a piece of his mind, even if there are laws to protect such a marriage is difficult to maintain, that pain is hard to imagine; their blood in the heart, let the wind and waves hit the heart but the face is still, be in fine fig heap smile to greet the new day, is also often blame their owe each other, always try to make up for each other; some in the distance to defend the motherland peace, in order not to disturb their parents are sick don't tell them, until dying to let him come back, come back and their loved ones have not speak, can only use eye contact, which is God have mercy on them and make them on one side; some back to the old man dead died, even the last side did not see, that tore heart crack lung cries pierced sky reverberates for a very long time, and after the funeral, to come back The, is all not the tearful and go, because the soldiers have to obey orders. They put this pain pressure in the heart, their emotions, fear of his out of control to the whole company adverse effects, military people understand each other's personality, with actions instead of words of comfort to each other's heart, with her eyes to appease the broken heart control efforts, but they have too many people the last known pain, torture their unbending soul, only the strong will to hide it, they don't want a personal matter affect the mood, do not want to take their low moods to positive forces against others. In the army, to try to improve yourself, make life more brilliant embellishment; love is home to identify rice, in order to avoid combat they don't fall in love, they know they are inconvenient to fall in love, even if the talk is also very difficult to happiness, happiness is now in addition to the money together, know himself wouldn't be able to do, lane is bad to have separated, resulting in unnecessary suffering for themselves and their children.

Came to the dream scene, make people surprised, sparse leaves wind a desolate, everywhere is hanging branches and rotten leaves, trees are reel right and left, the tree is scarred, them were struck many hole, even crooked inscribed with the words, it has experienced a baptism of doom, the scene too horrible to look at, this scene is our most respectable people heart! The earth in the cry for them.