A white marigold seeds
A white marigold seeds
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fell dejected

Always remember that the window, in the red maple season inadvertently say, that we are all happy to stop, is your care. I said, a little window I wait, watch me, when alternating, only in this watch your backLocal Courier.

Always remember that trail into the red maple season inadvertently, ten clasp. The look in the eyes is endless tenderness, dyed a maple fire, light language those holding hands, those with a smile of hope, as the night and day of each main and collateral channels overgrowthCCIBA.

Always in the red maple world reminds me of you, as if each leaf into a story, written us bit by bit of tenderness, elaborated our best hope, Miss wandering days, miss you day and night, you read every word and action, all of them are stored in the maple as my mind the classic redMen clothing hong kong.

Hand in hand in the deepest in the world, I don't know what kind of margin and copies, the limit, I deeply love calling you, the angle of the sea, to the tenderness you to respond to my. Mo red, love at first sight, let, sansei stone, hue tenderness associated; be immersed in love, love a drunk fleeting. Drunk just know wine too thick, love to know love, waiting for a dear friend accompanies dream, then one never forget.

The long corridor, suddenly rushed into the endless darkness, missing in the dark flooding disaster, so that each sobs became sad sigh. I thought I would be in the quiet night not sad not happy, think they can hide in the corner there snub sb. But the reality is not I think so, I could not suppress the roaring waves in the heart of Miss, can't stop thinking of the mind that little by little, grief filled my chest, at this time, full of mind in addition to think you still think you!

Remember in the emotional heart ache extrusion day, love is not the strong only recall the various difficulties and hardships, not the hot sun fearless passion, but remember you, remember that I love most. We always think, in the dim moonlight, the quiet flowers accompanied by you, is still you as in the past is like a shadow, never abandon. No need to hand in hand, similar to the old!