A white marigold seeds
A white marigold seeds
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Crazy keep regret

There is a girl, a boy, she like a class at that time, she early on, not pretty and learning performance in general, and she loved that boy is on their class is the most excellent boyStorage for toys, she know how many girls like him. Because ordinary girl consciously, the feelings hidden deep in the heart, without telling anyone, she is studying very hard, especially of the boys are good at, she is especially good, is the class. Besides him the best. For this reason is because they have more contact than usual, she often find an excuse to ask him of the above topic, and he is also very patient to answer. In the objective time, face the boy earnest facial expression and explain in detailotter box iphone case, the little girls heart filled with happiness...... Was transferred to the girl one day the adjacent table in the boy, in the discussion of time and he, girls deliberately put in the hands of the pen dropped on the ground with the boys and white, and then deliberately pretend to inadvertently put a hand on the boy, bending over to pick up the pen......

In the girl's memory and that she and the boy first and a physical contact only, the time that the feeling of excitement and have a guilty conscience, is still very clear in my mind, even after so many years, think of each casual or will have a heartbeat feelingfashion men clothing wholesale.

The third, she and he were in different classes, since she can't see him every day to hear his voice, her heart is filled with lost, achievement also imperceptibly fall between a lot of. Until the arrival of the first monthly exam grade, she saw the honour list his ranking still in third place, and her name was not in the above...... His heart was touched, so she began to devote to study, and only one purpose: to let his name came in from his recent place. But in a time of size test her name always behind him one or two, no matter how hard she can't reach the fourth position, a disappointment, but became her motivation to study, finally in the senior high school entrance examination last, she succeeded in getting their name comes together, just this time she was his third fourth......

Similar results so that they choose the same school, the same school class is different, however, for such results, the girls have been very satisfied. Just after the start of her but rarely see him, even if he has met only faint Hello, such situation makes girls feel infinite sorrow.

School of Arts and Sciences classes, she and he was again divided into a class, just know this news girl excited insomnia for several days. Just after the start of the situation and let the girl feel disappointed, because he's always around too many girls, but she can only do a quiet onlooker, although she is always looking for opportunities to find they had discussed the problem of understanding, however, helpless, junior high school memories of him seems to have is a blur. But, the girl of appreciation to the boy but as time increases with the. Gradually the boy's name has become synonymous with her perfect boy, for he deeply fascinated by the.

High school time flies in the end of three years, the oncoming is a long summer vacation, also in the summer. The girl of deep to the boy's careful and considerate, in Party A, originally scattered emotional girl heart gradually converging into the deep attachment. Just, girl still did not express what the boy, still as a friend to play her careless character.

Into the University, the girl's world completely lost the boy's figure, also at that time, the girl was shocked, not the boy's world loading only the lonely, but also at that time, the girl fell asleep, because as long as her sleep, in dreams we can see a boy. Smile and gentle voice...... But every time I woke up, add some missing. For a long time, the girl had a crush on the Internet, she almost every day to the school to the Internet to run, because she knew the boy often surf the Internet, and every time as long as the QQ and classmates to see the name of the boy, the girl's heart will miraculously calm, and not to see his name in her heart will be very uneasy...... When the dormitory's sister talking of their love, the girl will quietly lying on the bed with the outline of the outline of the boy. But the girl did not know this is it right? Call love, so she can not easily be his name said that exports, but the girl is not the boy said this feeling, because the girl heart understand, boy's feelings for her and she for him is not the same.