A white marigold seeds
A white marigold seeds
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A man in white

Some people say: love a city, is because the town there lived a person, can with the love of people together, even the life is beautiful. Then Ifabric storage?
I like the city, had not come, just like its name -- Xiamen, a let my yearning and longing for the city. I fell in love with the city, he still had not appeared, I don't expect to enjoy the quiet and beautiful single time, and decided to commit themselves to such a city. Even if a person, to be in such a good time good mood elegant old, but a great blessing of life? Then, accidentaly across, met himcover for galaxy s3.
Said he, just want to say -- may the heart of people, the elderly not to leave! With these words he, touched me, into my life, changed my life path, brings out the colour and sweet for my life, no superfluous words, not the so-called speak sugared words, only a sentence without any deviation, then smudge my world, I opened the closed doors of the heart.
Really should be the phrase didn't want -- in what you all the time, come on time.
Time to go out with him recently, often found on the big sky white clouds, like a child in the hands of the cotton candyTeny Wu, the thick white, dance in the wind touch. I really have a want to tear down a piece on the mouth and chewed the impulse to have a look, is it right? It has a sweet taste. I think, maybe there will be! So beautifulSamsung Galaxy Note 3 Defender, in other places, I haven't met, such a scene, I have not read together with him, just feel happy, warm, beautiful!
If, let me choose a city to spend the rest of my life, I hope that in Xiamen, if, let me choose a person holds is locked in a stalemate for a lifetime, I hope that in front of peopleCCIBA.