A white marigold seeds
A white marigold seeds
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Drinking alone with the moon

The small moon night, a few degrees every evening? A porch cool breeze, insects and longitudinal wall east. Tsing Yi on the moon, a lonely and autumn. Upset? Qiu Ting laurel dream not cool, drink the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, the South Ridge outside the end of the world, worthy of Gu mountains meandering body loss, West to willow speechless, sadly to shadow thousand action drunk.

The read, you drunk, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, Castle Peak water thin long night, hometown ever have loved ones? The limits of the earth, shape shade list, I drink pain, book a letter, heavy, heavy, heavy!

Chaos moon hometown old Liu, howling wind autumn insects sob, leaves cover diameter to be returning, the stack dust without mark. Ling Yunchu, month circle, yard deep worry many, deep moss thin chrysanthemum clusters, with rich, carabiners keep warmth, a voice to be who knock?

All the way in the sweet dreams, V. heartbroken, duckweed now difficult to gather, long suffering from syndrome, hate every night, too hasty, festival time, borrow this moon, drawing a line back, dream, more sound, knock at the door open, washing, dust, sweep the leaves, table delicacies, to kiss to, wine surplus Zun, young child below knee, phase Huan, drunk, the world needs?