A white marigold seeds
A white marigold seeds
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The concept of painting

You may have seen rare painting masters, you may have seen the natural landscape. But this is a pair of "rice painting" Liaohe River HK ip networkingshore, you are in any case have never seen. "Rice painting", just as its name implies, is the rice Tanaka mosaic painting, but a painting the natural growth of thestable vpn.

Watch tower on the "rice paintings" ten meters high, looked up, more than two hundred acres of paddy field, suddenly shows picture mosaic color rice rice green and yellow. "". "Rice painting" subject to "Rhine River wind" four characters, Liaohe shore highlight  theradome the beauty of rivers and lakes. A pair of big feet, walking the shore in the Liaohe River, Liaohe is adumbrative accompanied by her children, step by step toward a better future. A big fish, wandering in the "rice sea", showing a good prospect of Craft Storage Furnituredevelopment. Painting is simple, only two colors, but vivid, foiling the distance the winding river, the grand and spectacular. Standing on the high tower, eyes closed his ears as if, from Liaohe River roll to the sea waves, inspirational warning; the mind seems to show the way the way art supplies storage, leave to her children the way scenery, four seasons Fengying; as though there was a breeze, played the happy rhythm. I really have to thank the wisdom of the designer, so like art beats natureLocal Express.