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Peter Dunn will face a parliamentary privileges Committee

Parliament's Speaker David Carter on Thursday dismissed a complaint from Labour leader David Shearer, who alleged Mr Dunne misled a select committee when he told it he had not leaked the GCSB report.
Mr Dunne resigned as a minister after refusing to hand over his emails to journalist Andrea Vance to David Henry's inquiry into the leak otter case, but maintains he was not responsible for the report's release to Ms Vance.
Mr Carter said he will ask the committee to investigate the release of Ms Vance's security swipe card details to Mr Henry, without her knowledge or permission.
He dismissed a privilege complaint from Greens co-leader Russel Norman against Prime Minister John Key, after it was revealed the Henry inquiry had accessed details of Ms Vance's security card use and Mr Dunne's email logs.
However, Mr Carter said that complaint raised serious issues about "intrusive powers" threatening MPs' freedoms and the house's power to control its own proceedings and precincts, fr4 pcb along with concerns about media freedom.
"Actions that may put at risk journalists' ability to report freely are a significant concern," he told the house.
"The parliamentary precincts are also a workplace for both parliamentary employees and the employees of government departments. Access to parliamentary information and security systems data of any sort must, therefore, also have regard to the respective rights of employers and employees, and the role of the Speaker as a responsible minister, label sticker and the prime minister and his ministers."
Mr Carter said the privileges committee should investigate those concerns and report back to the house with any recommendations.
The committee is chaired by Attorney-General Chris Finlayson, and includes National, Labour, NZ First, ACT, Green and Maori Party MPs.