A white marigold seeds
A white marigold seeds
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The eyes of an old man

 I always remember the eyes of an old man. Every day he straight Leng Leng sitting in the lobby of the building I live to see the scenery outside and people coming and going through the locked iron gate Claire Hsu. One evening, I went to the parents' home for dinner, to see that he was trembling stood up, a large wet the back of his pants ...

In time to see the movie "love", I could not help but think of the old man frequently. The film as well as the old man, are mercilessly directed my deepest fear - poverty, can be lonely, can death, but not without dignity.

However, every self-respecting life end of the day and can save for themselves what is it? Anne appearances, is a how temperament old lady, favorite music, favorite read Crash proof phone protector, well-respected, has a sense of humor.

But later, she was unable to stand, unable to eat, unable to play the piano like, can not on the toilet, the end, like a baby had been stripped naked by someone else to clean the body ... sad, when her husband George tried to comfort her, encourage her to live, said: "this thing could happen to me ..."

Such a thing could happen to the body of each of us.

No one can live forever in the 20-year-old young and frivolous, and 30-year-old complacency. The design of life, like a cruel joke. Weak, weak to walk, but why are the middle people experienced uppity thought almighty climax, then regardless of the emotions, the will, or physical, have gone from bad to worse mobile phone protector.

Physical weakness as people most helpless, especially those with the pursuit of the noble soul, character in the increasingly mature, the realm in an increasingly open, but give way and the invasion of disease and aging.