A white marigold seeds

A white marigold seeds
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Every man is the world's only flowers

Lonely whisper 
I have a little narcissism, but not enough to love yourself. 
There is only one yourself, so, better to her, so, Dream beauty pro hard sell want to use heart to love yourself. Then, in people, busy streets, I a person quietly sitting in the street, dizzy nap time, such as the blink, quietly, the heart has become the seeds of trees, go over the wall to see the sun. This is my one summer, only with love. 
Pick up happiness 
You give happiness like a little girl in the hands of a match, constant warm my heart...... 
Some people say that the taste of happiness is like a lollipop, so I picked up the backpack, goes away, Dream beauty pro pick up all the way to happiness. Abba lady's love for the baby, the sun of the sunflower touch, can let the sweet and sour tears running in my cheeks. Sunny outside, go and see, or find small moments of happiness is also very good. This is the love of the universe, only related to the love. 
To commemorate the time 
Quiet night, a tear across my heart, get wet hint of sadness. 
Fingers slip page paper yellowing, Dream beauty pro still remember that year I touch kind of simple and honest, and or unfamiliar or familiar with smiling face. How can I step out of the childhood, how to ignite with a childlike diary? Duplicity and full of "don't care", actually I don't know. I don't know what the future is, I only know that I have not back to my childhood, I only know I can only memory of old days. This love, only with you. 
Weeks eight in the morning, I sing belongs to my monologue, at noon, I go out to pick up happiness. In the evening? To commemorate my old days. Later, I had a long dream.